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DarkRP Server Rules
General Server Rules
You, as a member of the Vision servers, are obligated to read all of these rules in their entirety, check the rules for changes, and follow the rules. A staff member CAN and WILL punish you for breaking these rules or attempting to circumvent, twist, or otherwise get around these rules. If you need clarification on a rule, ask a staff member. If you do not attempt whatsoever to follow the rules, the punishment will be severe.
NOTE: For a faster start, use the headings to guide you based on what you are planning to do. For instance, if you are building a base, read "Prop Rules" and "Door, Base, & Property Rules" to ensure you stay out of trouble.
Main Rules
Respect all members within the server.
You may not use racial slurs.
Do not harass other players.
You may not use religious taboos. (EX: Screaming "Allahu Akbar")
Do not spam.
You may not spam your microphone, and chat, or any sound. This includes but is not limited to knocking or repeated firing/reloading of a weapon without reason.
You may not spam props, text screens, flashlight, or camera.
Do not call an admin for a reason without substantial proof.
Staff members are not allowed to take other players as witnesses. Only other staff members may be taken at their word.
Do not troll.
If you are doing some activity repeatedly for the explicit purpose of annoying other players, it will be considered trolling.
Do not advertise other servers or anything else.
Do not tell an admin how to do his/her job.
English language only. No exceptions!
Do not impersonate any player or staff member.
Do not claim to be staff if you aren't.
Do not use hacks or exploits.
DO NOT JOKE ABOUT HACKING. Any mention of DDoS or hacking of any sort will be met with SEVERE PUNISHMENT. Don't PM about it, don't say it in OOC, don't even think it. You WILL be permanently banned from ALL EG servers on the spot without notice!
Do not bug abuse. Report bugs and glitches to an admin or on the forums immediately.
Do not evade punishment.
If you leave while an admin is talking to you, you will be punished more severely than had you stayed.
If you attempt to change your name to avoid punishment, your punishment will be more severe.
Do not ask to be an admin or discuss your application in-game.
Do not scam.
An agreement must be made before commodities, services, or money are exchanged.
Screenshot any deal you make for proof of agreements.
Call admin for assistance using @ <message>.
Calls in OOC will be ignored. Also, if you choose to use /// <message> rather than @, your call may be missed as it is easily mistaken for staff chatting about in-game problems rather than a call from a player.
Do not argue with staff before, during, or after a sit.
Just because a rule is not spelled out word for word does not mean you cannot be punished for it once it has been clarified for you by an admin. Some rules are blanket rules and give examples, but they are not all-inclusive such as failRP.
If you feel you have been wronged, take screenshots/videos, and make a complaint on the forums.
Do not interrupt or interfere with a sit.
If you see a staff sit
in progress that you are not involved in, STAY AWAY FROM IT. Otherwise, you WILL be involved. In a bad way.
Blackmailing of any kind (e. g. Threatening to post a complaint on a player or staff member) is forbidden and will be punished.
Respect the chain of command for the server!
If there is an in-game problem, talk to a Staff Member by calling with @.
If you have a suggestion, ban appeal, or complaint, there are forum areas for that to take place. Do not go straight to the Owner or Head-Admins in-game. We are very busy people behind the scenes. Let the forum do its job.
The Owner (Shafter) and all Head-Admin check the forums daily and deal with your complaints, suggestions, and problems that way. We cannot continue to be inundated with messages 24/7. The admin is there to help you in the short-term and is more than capable of dealing with 99% of problems on the spot.
If you are uncomfortable posting a complaint or problem for whatever reason, please use the private message function on the forums to contact a Head-Admin.
If no staff members are online, you may submit a player complaint on the forums for later punishment. If you do so, you will need screenshots of the console, their steamID, and any other evidence. Cut and pasted text cannot be accepted. If the steamID is not proven associated with the player, the complaint will be thrown out.
Game Rules
Physgun colors that hide the physgun's beam are NOT allowed (BLACK).
Do not harass players who are building with a building sign or hobos who are working on the construction of their hobo house. Interfering with a build will be considered trolling. You MUST leave if asked.
Printing money, growing plants, and cooking meth is only to be done within a base.
Purges and mass RDM fests are NOT allowed!
You must use /cheque <name> <amount> if you don't want to drop money to be stolen.
Do not pick up or tamper with checks that do not belong to you or aren't written for you.
New Life Rule (NLR) is 5 minutes.
If killed, you forget your previous life.
If killed in your base, someone else's base, or government building, you must wait out the 5 minute NLR before returning.
If killed in public, you may return to the area, but you cannot respond to anything that was done to you before you died as you have forgotten it.
If you are arrested, you may not return to get revenge on the arresting officers.
Required /adverts:
You MUST /advert raid when raiding.
You MUST /advert mug <name> <amount up to $500> <time greater than 10 seconds> when mugging.
You MUST /advert carjack when stealing a car.
After making an arrest, you MUST /advert <reason for arrest>.
You MUST /advert a reason for putting the server into lockdown.
Kidnapping is NOT allowed!
Do not self-supply. (Discussed in further detail under "General Dealer Rules.")
Do not advert for someone to raid you.
Do not metagame.
Out of character chat is not for in-game activities and cannot be used for RP conversations or actions.
EX: You cannot use the mention of printers in OOC as a reason for warrants or any other RP action.
Do not spam job votes.
Do not abuse jobs.
You may not change jobs to multiple dealers in order to create a "super shop."
Any dealer/doctor's job must make a shop/begin construction on a shop within 10 minutes, or you will be demoted.
Drug dealers are exempt from this and should not make shops. Your services are illegal, be discrete.
You are required to read and follow the rules regarding any job you choose.
Only gangster and thief jobs may raid, mug, AND carjack (See job descriptions for the jobs you choose for information regarding whether or not you can raid, mug, or carjack).
Only hobos can mic spam (See hobo job description).
You may not cover someone's sign with one of your own or make comments about a person.
Do not build inappropriate structures.
This includes but is not limited to genitalia, swastikas, Isis flags, and letters spelling offensive things.
Do not start demotion votes while the staff is online. Call staff members using @. Your vote will be canceled by staff.
Do not abuse the camera tool.
Do not place cameras on other player's property.
Cameras may be placed in public for the purpose of looking at yourself etc. You cannot use it to "keep an eye" on people in public areas. EX: Using a camera to watch for a player you have a hit on.
Do not attempt to push your camera through someone's base to see what is inside.
Role-Playing Rules
Use common sense!
If something wouldn't be done in real life, then you shouldn't be doing it as part of role-playing.
We are talking about reasonable actions, not extreme circumstances that only happened one time.
If a staff member tells you something is FailRP, then it is! You may plead your case with the staff member POLITELY with reason. However, this is not permission for you to argue with their final ruling.
FailRP cannot be completely covered with any kind of accuracy. Many of the rulings on this will be judgment calls made by staff.
You are to assume everyone is a citizen. Using a player's job for any RP action is metagaming.
Dealer jobs, security guards, mechanics, civil protection jobs, bank managers, bank security, and hobos wear a "uniform" or otherwise "look the part" and thus are recognizable.
Criminal jobs are to be assumed as citizens unless proven otherwise.
Do not steal from the people you are basing with! You are friends.
If there is a domestic dispute (you are fighting with the people you are basing with) /911 to call the police.
Do not bait police.
These means don't intentionally try to get the police to chase you.
Do not advertise things like "I'm selling drugs; come get me pigs!"
Don't commit crimes right in front of a cop. What kind of terrible crimes are you? AVOID BEING CAUGHT!
Don't drive stolen vehicles past police intentionally. You're a criminal, don't TRY to go to jail or be killed.
Do not run from traffic stops without reason.
Don't immediately run from cops or shoot them if you don't have a reason to be afraid.
If you are pulled over, pay your fine unless things get sticky. (EX: The cop has weapon searched you. You are wanted. You have printers or other illegal entities in your vehicle. Your car is stolen.)
If a cop has a weapon pointed at you, and you are unarmed, you follow their instructions. They have a gun, and you don't! You should be afraid of being killed.
Do not attempt to be killed by police to avoid arrest.
You cannot have a marked police car if you are not a cop.
Cops must ALWAYS chase criminals unless they are outnumbered and must wait for backup.
If you are battering rammed out of a vehicle, you cannot re-enter it.
You must escape on foot, lose the cops, and return.
You may also decide to kill all of the officers at the scene.
Cops could arrest you for murder or attempted murder even if you were defending your car or doing your job (Hitman/Assassin). Murder is only acceptable in self-defense cases.
Logging off then on again to recover cars or other stolen items, escape jail, or escape a hit is considered failRP.
Logging off and subsequently logging on within 30 minutes for these reasons is against the rules.
Careful with committing suicide!
If you kill yourself to avoid arrest or a hit, it is failRP.
Killing yourself to recover ammo, health, or armor for a custom class is failRP.
If you kill yourself to return to spawn quickly, it is failRP.
If you kill yourself to avoid any RP situation, it may be considered failRP.
If you hear cop sirens and do not move off the road to let the emergency vehicle pass, they may ram you without question.
If you are not involved in an altercation, do not use the defibrillator to revive those involved.
Just because someone is a friend doesn't mean you should be reviving them. You must be based together, raiding together, or otherwise, be engaged in the altercation that resulted in their death.
Shooting, Raiding, Carjacking, & Mugging
Do not RDM.
RDM stands for Random Death Match.
If you do not have a role-play reason for killing someone, then you are
RDMing. Don't get cute (EX: "He was looking at me funny, so that is RP")
You cannot kill people in the spawn area.
Do not run to spawn as a "safe haven."
Hitmen may carry out hits within the spawn area, but you must be careful to avoid the crossfire.
You can only raid/carjack/mug once every 5 minutes.
Raids and carjacks are individual timers meaning you can raid a base and carjack a car near or inside as a getaway vehicle. You cannot, however, perform the same action again within 5 minutes. Raids and mugs are the SAME timer.
You must wait 10 minutes before targeting the same person with these actions.
You must be next to the person you are mugging.
You must /advert mug <name> <amount up to $500> <time greater than 10 seconds> when mugging.
You cannot mug hobos.
You cannot mug with explosives.
Carjacking makes you KOS to the owner, and the owner KOS to you while the carjack is in progress.
You may only defend cars you own (Must be on the door).
The owner is only KOS to you until you have entered the vehicle; at this point, you should be working on an escape and subsequent exchange, not killing them.
If you carjack a car, you cannot hold that car for more than 15 minutes.
You MUST give the owner an opportunity to buy back their car for a maximum of $5000.
Be smart with your exchange as you are KOS to the owner the entire time you are in possession of their vehicle.
Do not drive cars into water or attempt to hide them from the owner. This will be considered trolling as you have nothing to gain from these actions.
You may not carjack in the car spawn areas.
Non-government officials in the following government-owned areas are AOS or KOS if resisting arrest without a sign.
Government buildings are clearly marked on the doors to enter them.
Areas in which government officials may be basing must still have an AOS or KOS sign.
You may kill someone if they pass your KOS line.
KOS signs must be placed in plain sight.
KOS lines must be 100 size text. Qualifiers such as "John Doe banned from shop" must be at least size 50 text.
KOS lines must be placed within the property line of the building you own.
If you are in question about your property line, ask a staff member for clarification.
If you loiter close (feet not miles) to the KOS line for more than 30 seconds, you can be killed.
If you cross a KOS line, you can be killed even if you retreat behind it. Do not do the KOS line dance.
Do not raid a base that has a building sign.
You are not allowed to mug or raid Hobos.
If your raid is taking longer than 5 minutes, you must discontinue the raid.
All parties involved in a raid must advert raid at the same time (within seconds). You cannot join an ongoing raid.
Raid groups must be assembled beforehand. If you join a raid, you weren't invited to join by calling raid with the group; they may kill you for interfering.
Counter raiding is NOT allowed.
This means you cannot raid a base that is already being raided in order to steal the raid from the original raiders. Find your own mark.
You cannot "raid to kill." Raiding a building in which it is clear there is nothing inside (you can see the entire interior) is not allowed.
You cannot attack someone for attacking a member of your gang.
You can't use any explosives (includes railgun) through props or fences. 
Car Rules
Do not change transparency on vehicles.
If for some reason, your car becomes no-collided, you may not use it to drive into bases. Call an admin to fix it.
Do not attempt to prop push your car if you are stuck; call an admin with @ for assistance.
Do not use materials on your car.
You may not have a pitch-black car.
If you color your car, you must have the color tool setting for render mode/FX set to normal.
Do not attach anything to your vehicle.
Do not place props on your vehicle or in the vehicle.
You may place printers and other entities in your vehicle for transportation purposes ONLY.
Do not randomly shoot/blow up your/other player's vehicles.
Do not ram other cars/players with your vehicle.
Driving at max speed through town without being involved in a chase or race will be considered ramming if you hit someone.
Do not block entrances with your vehicle unless you're using it in a raid.
Do not get involved in a chase you have no business in. (EX: I'm trying to help my friend who is being chased by the police).
Do not park in the middle of the road, on car spawn areas, or on job spawn areas.
Do not attempt to get your vehicle on top of buildings which you do not own.
Do not attempt to put your vehicle inside a building you do not own.
Do not use your vehicle as a bomb. If your car is on fire, don't drive it into the nearest group of cars/players to blow up/kill everyone there.
Prop Rules
Do not put props in buildings you do not own or are owned by someone else.
Do not spawn props in public (unless you are a hobo).
Do not tamper with a player's props.
This includes cameras, shopping shelves, lights, buttons, and keypads.
Do not create floating props.
If a prop is not supported, it is floating.
Do not prop climb, fly, surf, kill, or push.
Props cannot be invisible.
Pitch black props are not allowed. If the reflection of the flashlight does not show, then the prop is considered pitch black.
Do not use exploitable materials, such as starlights (33).
Do not materialize fences for ANY reason.
Door, Base, & Property Rules
Bases that are elevated from the ground MUST have supports or the base will be considered "floating props." This does not mean one single prop holding up a huge structure. Try to make it look as if it would actually support the structure.
You can only own ONE base.
If you are a dealer, your shop IS your base.
You MUST own the front door of your building/apartment.
If you are basing with others, ALL occupants must be on the door, or they cannot defend during raids or build inside.
Copying or selling a base that you did not create is strictly prohibited!.
If you did not create the base, you MAY not sell it under ANY circumstance.
You may copy a base with explicit permission from the creator and no one else.
Bases built in such a way as to provide an unfair advantage to the base owner against raiders are not allowed.
Well-built is not the same as unfair. Just because YOU can't raid, it doesn't mean it is an unfair base.
You cannot build a base that requires a grapple, drugs, or jetpacks to raid.
Taking advantage of the limitations within Garry's Mod is not allowed (EX: Head glitch bases where your head cannot be targeted at all or forcing raiders through water).
Shooting holes that lie between the standing and crouching positions are not allowed.
Raiders must be able to return fire on the owner.
Shooting holes can not be placed in such a way as to only target the raider's feet.
If someone owns any door in a building, do not own other doors within that property.
If someone has props in a building, do not buy the doors. Call an admin to tell the player they need to own the doors.
All keypads/buttons that are connected to a fading door prop MUST be next to the prop it controls.
You may not have multiple "dummy" or fake keypads/buttons that do NOT open the door.
Buttons and keypads attached to lights can be as far from the light as you like.
You are limited to 3 keypads controlled and three button controlled (not including shooting holes), fading doors between raiders, and your valuables.
Keypads MUST keep the fading door open for at least 5 seconds.
There must be a keypad on both sides of the fading door unless it is placed in such a way as to be accessible from both sides.
You cannot use the delay function to keep the door closed after the correct code is entered.
Printer holders may have button controlled fading doors that do not count towards your three-button controlled door limit.
You must have at least one entrance to your base that is accessible. Otherwise, you are prop blocking.
It is YOUR responsibility to "test raid" your base to ensure all rules are met and that raiders can get in some way.
Do not fading door abuse (FDA). This means your shooting holes must be kept open for at least 5 seconds.
You cannot use the keyboard key to open your fading doors while you are being raided. Using the keyboard for quick entrance to your base any other time is acceptable.
You cannot use the keyboard keys to close a fading door that was cracked/hacked during the raid.
Your base MUST be located on the property that you own. Only hobos can build in public.
You can only kill for trespassing if you have a visible KOS sign. (See "Shooting, Raiding, Carjacking, and Killing" for KOS sign details.)
You cannot stack multiple fading doors next to each other unless a player can fit between them and keypad crack each one without a problem.
If you are building a base, you need to have a building sign outside.
Building signs like KOS signs must be 100 size text and in plain sight.
You cannot be raided if you have a building sign up. You cannot have printers, plants, bitcoin machines, weapons, cars, or any other entity worth stealing while being protected by a building sign.
You can have EMPTY shopping shelves while being protected by the building sign.
Do not have any no-collided
Buttons and keypads must be visible and not hidden in any way.
Shooting holes must be controlled by a button and be a minimum size of 05x05.
Use models/hunter/blocks/cube05x05x05.mdl as a guide.
The button must be located directly next to the shooting hole prop.
Do not use materials or props that allow you to see from one side but not the other (1-way props).
You cannot create a crouch base.
If the person raiding, You must crouch for any reason to get to your valuables; then considered a crouch base.
Keypads/buttons placed in such a way as to force the raider to crouch is not allowed.
Shooting holes placed where the raider must crouch to return fire is not allowed.
Forcing players to jump-crouch is not allowed.
Drop bases are not allowed. You cannot cause raiders to fall to an area that they cannot return from. You cannot force raiders to re-crack fading doors by dropping them to an earlier point.
You cannot have an anti-hack (Hack phone) bases.
Bank and Armory Raiding Rules
You must advert raid before entering either the bank or armory.
You cannot put any props inside either the bank or armory.
NLR does not apply to civil protection jobs while a raid on either the bank or armory is in progress.
Police jobs can ONLY break NLR to return to either the bank or armory, not for other police job activities.
You cannot be arrested for raiding, either the bank or armory. Civil protection jobs MUST attempt to kill you instead.
You must wait 10 minutes before raiding the bank or armory again, but you can raid the other one after 5 minutes.
Job Rules
Civil Protection Jobs
General Civil Protection Rules:
You are not allowed to own printers, weed plants, or opium plants.
After making an arrest, you MUST /advert AR <reason for arrest>. Don't arrest players unless you have a reason. You WILL be asked.
You can ONLY make a player wanted for the following, Evading arrest, Fleeing traffic stops, and murder (you have to witness the murder).
Refusing to be questioned if an officer was known to be dealing with the suspect when killed (The officer must have radioed back to tell other officers the player he/she was dealing with before they were killed.)
Shooting at players of any job for any reason other than in self-defense is murder.
If you are actively chasing or engaged in a firefight with a wanted criminal, you may refresh their wanted status if it ends, and you are not required to stop while chasing or engaged in a firefight to do so.
If the criminal escapes you completely, you may not refresh the wanted.
If a player or players is/are causing havoc, you may call the President and request a lockdown for the purpose of catching the criminals.
Do not randomly weapon check players. You must have a reason to do so.
You can ONLY warrant a player for the following:
If you arrest a player for weapons in public, murder, or attempted murder, you can warrant them and raid their home since you have reasonable cause.
You can warrant a person if you have SEEN (particle effects and sounds do not count) illegal contraband inside a base, entering a base, or being taken from a base.
You can warrant a person if they escape into a base.
If you cannot SEE illegal contraband but suspect it, you should call an investigation from the FBI by using the group chat (Default key U).
You must always contact SWAT before you attempt to raid someone unless you are being attacked.
You can't take money from printers, and you must destroy them.
You cannot sell plants; you must seize them.
Confiscated weapons should be locked up in the police department.
You cannot order hits.
You must give people a 30-second warning to return to their home before arresting them during a lockdown.
You can only use your sirens when you are in a chase or responding to a /911 call. You MUST turn off your sirens when exiting the vehicle or risk having your vehicle removed.
You can leave your light bar on when exiting the vehicle for police business.
You may bring people to the police department for interrogation if suspected of a crime, and there is an interrogation law on the board.
You MUST have probable cause such as but not limited to a /911 or /cr reporting them.
You cannot KIDNAP them. They must come willingly. Refusal is grounds for arrest.
You cannot hold them for interrogation for more than 3 minutes if they do not want to stay.
Bitcoin machines are legal.
Chief of Police/Police Officer/Deputy Chief
You can only base at the police department with other cops/FBI/SWAT members.
You can arrest if being shot at.
You can shoot back while being shot at only if you are in serious danger. Call for backup if you need help.
You can only raid if you have a warrant. You MUST call for backup first.
Only the FBI may have unmarked vehicles; you must be in a marked police cruiser.
You can only ticket for traffic violations if they are on the law board (Max ticket $500).
You MUST attempt to arrest people for crimes you have witnessed.
Just because Hitman/Assassin are jobs does not make their assassinations legal!
FBI Agent
You can arrest if being shot at.
You can return fire while being shot at if you are in serious danger. You MUST call for backup.
You can only enforce traffic or other regular laws on the law board to further your investigations. Murder is the exception to this rule.
If you are investigating someone and see them break the law, arrest them, and use the opportunity to return to the jail and interrogate them.
You can only raid with a warrant.
You can use an unmarked car for investigations.
You can only base at the police department with other cops/FBI/SWAT members.
You MUST lead searches for wanted fugitives and attempt to capture them.
You can conduct internal investigations in the police department.
You MUST conduct investigations, and you cannot refuse an investigation unless you are in the middle of one already.
Highway Patrol
You can only base at the police department with other cops/FBI/SWAT members.
You must be in a marked vehicle.
You can use spike strips to set up roadblocks.
Roadblocks must have text screens warning drivers of the roadblock with 100 size text.
You must have a reason for setting up a roadblock. (EX: Wanted criminal on the loose!)
Roadblocks must have police vehicles present with lights on (no sirens).
Do not leave roadblocks unattended.
Your main job is to stop pursuits and enforce traffic laws on the outskirts of town. You CAN enforce laws in the town, but only if they occur on your way to and from the station. You do not patrol the city streets by car or on foot.
National Security Agent
You cannot be NSA without a President.
You must be with the President at all times.
You cannot enforce laws; you only protect the President.
You can only base in government buildings with the President.
You cannot participate in raids.
If the President doesn't want you as NSA, you must change your job.
You must make laws for the city.
Laws cannot be unrealistic.
Make an announcement when you have updated the laws so players and staff can stay informed.
Your laws cannot conflict with the default laws 1-3 on the law board.
Laws must be admin approved. (You will be asked to change them if there is an issue, demoted if you refuse.)
You cannot make any job illegal.
You cannot make any person or race illegal.
You cannot initiate purges, aka RDM fests.
You are allowed to own a weapon for self-defense.
You cannot participate in raids or enforce laws.
Give FBI agents cases to investigate if you have them.
You can base in government buildings or any other valid building.
You must advert a reason for any lockdown you initiate.
Reasons include but are not limited to assassination attempts on the President, city in chaos, dangerous fugitives.
If your reason is not approved by admin, you must remove the lockdown.
Pre-approved laws (You are not limited to these, but they are a safe choice if you are unsure of laws):
You must follow all US traffic laws or be fined up to $500.
Do not obstruct justice or interfere with the job of law enforcement officers.
You may not harass, stalk, or threaten any person.
Admitting intent to commit a crime to law enforcement is illegal.
All weapons and raiding tools are illegal in public.
You may be forced to come in for questioning if you are suspected of a crime.
SWAT Leader/SWAT Soldier/SWAT Medic/SWAT Sniper
You can arrest if being shot at.
You can return fire while being shot at if you are in serious danger. You do not have to call for backup; you are the backup.
You can only raid if you have a warrant.
You can only base at the police department with other cops/FBI/SWAT members.
Do not enforce traffic laws or any other regular law on the law board. Murder is the exception.
You must respond to backup calls from the police.
You must respond to raid requests from the other civil protection jobs.
Don't forget a valid warrant!
You must respond to bank and armory raids.
Criminal Jobs
General Criminal Job Rules:
You are allowed to have printers, weed plants, and opium plants.
You cannot RDM cops for no reason in the street only if they are trying to arrest you or kill you.
Play it cool; cops do not know you are a criminal.
Don't immediately run from cops or shoot them if you don't have a reason to be afraid.
If you are pulled over, pay your fine unless things get sticky. (EX: The cop has weapon searched you. You are wanted. You have printers or other illegal entities in your vehicle.)
Drug Dealer/Meth, Xanax, Weed Manufacturer
You cannot raid.
You can base with Thieves, Gangsters, Meth Manufacturers, Drug Dealers, and Hackers.
Your job is to sell or make drugs discretely. If you are caught, you can be arrested.
Call an admin with @ to freeze your stoves. This will make your job much easier.
Drug dealers should sell out of a base, in dark alleys, at the club, or some other discrete location. You should not be selling in the middle of the street.
Gangster/Thief/Master Thief
You are allowed to raid, carjack, and mug. (See "Shooting, Raiding, Carjacking, & Killing" for details)
You can base with Thieves, Gangsters, Meth Manufacturers, Drug Dealers, and Hackers.
Gang leaders can declare war on the enemy gang as long as the leaders of both gangs are in agreement.
Both leaders MUST use /advert to tell everyone that they have declared/accepted a gang war.
During a war, you can KOS the enemy gang ONLY, do not RDM everyone you see, and be careful with crossfire as those people will return fire on you.
Do not RDM cops when you see them. You may only kill cops if they are interfering with your war by shooting or arresting you.
You can base with Thieves, Gangsters, Meth Manufacturers, Drug Dealers, and Hackers.
You can raid but not carjack or mug.
Do not randomly hack players, cars, keypads, or cameras.
You must advert raid before hacking keypads.
You can hack players to spy inside a base before calling a raid.
You can hack cameras to spy inside a base before calling raid.
Careful, spying may be dangerous as you can be killed for such actions.
You cannot raid! You must lie in wait for your target to exit the building.
You may also persuade raiding classes to raid for you and follow them to get your hit.
If you choose to do this, you may not take ANYTHING, get your hit and go.
You can only base with other Hitmen and Assassins.
You may make a hit in spawn, but killing or attacking anyone other than your target, even by mistake, will be considered RDM, so BE CAREFUL!
You take hits from people for money.
You can only hit the same target once every 10 minutes.
Do not accept hits from people targeting themselves.
Do not accept hits from civil protection jobs.
You can set your hit prices by /hitprice <max price of $10,000>.
You can not ask for hits on specific people. You can only ask if someone would like to place a hit. (DO NOT ACCEPT HITS ON SHAFTER UNLESS HE IS ACTIVELY ON)
Do not kill yourself to reset your hit! You chase the target to the ends of the earth and never give up!
Dealer Jobs
General Dealer Rules:
You are not allowed to raid, mug, or carjack
You MUST set up a shop BEFORE spawning shipments.
Shopping shelves placed outside of your shop will be removed without notice.
If you do not attempt the construction of a shop within 10 minutes, you will be demoted.
You can and MUST freeze your shelves.
You MUST sell at least 1 type of shipment.
You are not REQUIRED to sell everything available to you. However, you cannot discriminate between players (EX: If you sell miniguns to Lithium, you must also sell them to Skullman and everyone else not banned from your shop.)
"Available Inventory" signs are useful for telling people what you do or do not sell.
Do not self-supply
You may supply your security guard with weapons as well.
Do not try to be sneaky and give weapons to friends or hide them around the map, then switch jobs to retrieve them.
You may not keep any weapon or commodity acquired during your time as a dealer.
You may ban players from your shop for attacking it, raiding it, or being unruly inside it, but you can not ban jobs.
Black Market Dealer/Lord of War
You are allowed to own printers, weed plants, and opium plants.
You can only base with other Dealers and security guards.
You can only base with other Dealers or security guards.
You can own printers.

Gun Dealer/Heavy Gun Dealer/Advanced Arms Dealer
You are allowed to own printers, weed plants, and opium plants.
You can only base with other gun dealers, heavy gun dealers, advanced arms dealers, black market dealers, lord of war, and security guards.

Miscellaneous Jobs
Bank Manager/Bank Security
You are not allowed to own money printers, weed plants, or opium plants.
You can only base with Bank Security.
You can only base in the bank.
Bartender/ Nightclub Owner
Set up a bar or base in the nightclub.
Nightclub owner can ONLY base in the nightclub.
Bartenders may base in the nightclub or any other valid building.
You are allowed to printers.
You can only base with other Bartenders, Security Guards, and Nightclub Owners.

Bitcoin Farmer
You are allowed to own printers.
Bitcoin machines are LEGAL.
You can only base with other Bitcoin Farmers.
You are allowed to own printers, weed plants, and opium plants.
You are not allowed to raid, mug, or carjack.
You are allowed to own a gun, but only for self-defense.
You MUST follow the laws unless you are in danger. You are a law-abiding citizen, not a criminal job.
Hobo/Hobo Leader
You are not allowed to have printers, weed plants, or opium plants.
You are not allowed to raid.
You are not allowed to have ANY weapon. You have fists, that's all.
This includes your pockets.
Do not randomly punch people.
You are allowed to build on sidewalks, alleyways, and other public areas, not on private property.
NOT in the street!
You cannot build on top of a building or on the property which could be
owned by purchasing a building.
You are allowed to mic spam ONLY in your hobo house.
You must beg for money, sing, or be creative with hobo games.
WARNING: Attempting to rig a hobo game by inserting invisible props or some such nonsense will be counted as scamming.
You cannot accept wagers larger than 100k.
You can only own wheelchairs and tricycles, no other vehicles; you're a hobo!
You are allowed to own printers, weed plants, and opium plants.
You are not allowed to raid, mug, or carjack.
You can only base with security guards or other Mechanics.
Repair vehicles to earn money.
Security Guard
You are allowed to own printers, weed plants, and opium plants.
You must come to a payment arrangement with the owner of the shop you are protecting for merchandise, a percentage of profits, or a flat-rate per time protected. (EX: 25% of profits AND/OR 1k for every 10 minutes of protection. This is just an example; you are free to come to any arrangement you like BEFORE you start protecting them.)
You can only protect a shop.
You must ask people to leave the place you are protecting; if resistance is met, call the cops, or you can stun stick them out.
You can only kill if the shop you are protecting is under attack or being raided.
You can only base with the owner of the shop that you are protecting.
Any merchandise given to you by the shop owner can be kept unless otherwise specified in your arrangement with the shop owner.
Keeping weapons and merchandise given to you as payment can be kept if you change jobs without being considered self-supply.
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